Moldova Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Moldova flag
Color Palette
Blue#013DA31, 61, 16399, 63, 0, 36
Yellow#FFD100255, 209, 00, 18, 100, 0
Red#C8102E200, 16, 460, 92, 77, 22
Brown#966B4D150, 107, 770, 29, 49, 41
Green#0077490, 119, 73100, 0, 39, 53
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100

The Flag of Moldova is a tricolored vertical flag. The stripe close to the hoist side is blue. The middle stripe is yellow, and the stripe at the fly side is red. The coat of arms is located in the center of  the flag, featuring an eagle holding a golden cross in its beak, and clenching an olive branch tree and a scepter in its claws. On the breast of the eagle, there is a shield with horizontal stripes of red and blue, with an auroch’s head showing between its horns an eight-pointed star. On its right, there is a five-petalled rose, and on its left, there is a slightly rotated crescent.

Meaning of the Moldovan Flag

The Moldovan flag is inspired by the Moldovan coat of arms. The coat of arms represents Moldova’s sovereignty, Christian faith, and peace. It also represents the historical ties with Romania.

History of the Moldovan Flag

Moldova was part of many empires throughout its history, including the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and Romania. Moldova was part of the Russian Empire when it was declared as the Moldavian Democratic Republic in 1917. The independence was short-lived. In 1920, Moldova became part of Romania. In 1940, Moldova was annexed by the Soviet Union, and it became the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. The flag adopted was the Soviet banner. Moldova adopted the tricolor similar to Romania’s flag, and on November 3, 1990, the coat of arms was added to the flag. The decision to adopt the tricolor flag was also driven by Moldova’s aspiration for independence and its desire to emphasize its historical and cultural ties with Romania, in addition to emphasizing national identity after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  The flag designed and used a year earlier was hoisted when Moldova proclaimed its independence in 1991, and the flag remained the same since it was officially adopted in 1990.