Curaçao Flag Colors & Meaning

Curaçao flag
Color Palette
Blue#002B7F0, 43, 127100, 66, 0, 50
Yellow#F9E814249, 232, 200, 7, 92, 2
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The flag of Curaçao features a deep blue background with a horizontal yellow stripe slightly below the midline and two white stars in the upper left corner. The blue represents the clear blue sky and the surrounding Caribbean Sea, symbolizing the island’s tropical and maritime essence. The yellow stripe embodies the bright sun that shines over Curaçao, highlighting the island’s vibrant climate and its warm, spirited people. The two white stars, set close together, signify Curaçao and its small uninhabited sister island, Klein Curaçao. Their white color stands for peace and purity. The placement of the stars, slightly off-center, reflects the geographical position of the islands in the Caribbean Sea. This flag design, adopted in 1984, is rich in symbolism, connecting the natural beauty and spirit of Curaçao with its inhabitants.