Comoros Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Comoros flag
Color Palette
Yellow#FFC61E255, 198, 300, 22, 88, 0
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#CE1126206, 17, 380, 92, 82, 19
Blue#3A75C458, 117, 19670, 40, 0, 23
Green#3D8E3361, 142, 5157, 0, 64, 44

The Comoros flag has four horizontal stripes colored yellow, white, red, and blue from top to bottom. On the hoist side, there is a green triangle with a white crescent and four white, five-pointed stars.

Meaning of the Comoros Flag

Comoros is made of four islands. The four horizontal stripes represent the four main islands of the nation. The yellow color is for the island of Mohéli. The white color stands for the island of Mayotte. The red color represents the island of Anjouan and the blue color is for Grande Comore. The four stars on the flag also symbolize the four islands. The crescent with stars represents the Islamic faith.

History of the Comoros Flag

Comoros is an island country in East Africa in the Indian Ocean. The island became a French colony in 1841. The island sought independence under the impact of anti-colonialism movements in the 1950s. In 1961, the country achieved autonomous rule. The first flag was hoisted in 1963 before the islands became independent. The flag had a green background with a white crescent and four stars to emphasize the Islamic identity of the country and was designed by Suzanne Gauthier, a French heraldist.  Political negotiations with France led to a treaty in 1973 when the island was promised to have full independence by 1978. Three of the Comoros islands gained independence in 1975, except for Mayotte which preferred to stay part of the French territories. The flag of Independence was different from the original flag, adding a red stripe on the top of the flag. The flag was changed again in 1978, where the crescent became larger, and pointed towards the lower part of the flag. In 1992, the crescent was pointed upwards. In 1996, the words “Allah” and “Mohammad” were added to the flag in white written in Arabic inscription. The final change of the flag took place in 2001 when a new constitution recognized the current design of the flag.