Algeria Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Algeria flag
Color Palette
Green#0062330, 98, 51100, 0, 48, 62
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#D21034210, 16, 520, 92, 75, 18

The Algerian flag has two equal vertical stripes that are green and white. The green stripe is on the left side, while the white stripe is on the right side of the flag. The center of the flag is adorned with a red crescent and a star.

Meaning of the Algerian Flag

The Algerian flag represents the Islamic faith of the country, represented by the green color, the crescent, and the star. The white color represents the Arab dynasties that ruled Algeria. It also represents peace, purity, and hope. The red color of the crescent and star symbolizes the blood spilled for independence.

History of the Algerian Flag

Algeria was ruled by Arab dynasties, then it became part of the Ottoman Empire and raised the Ottoman flag. In 1830, France claimed the rule of Algeria from the Ottomans. The French flag was used then, but a resistance movement that was led by Prince Abdelkader started in the 1830s. He established an Emirate and organized resistance against France. Although the rebellion failed at that time, many versions of the flag were used by resistance movements afterward. This flag became known as the “Flag of the Algerian Revolution” and was used by various nationalist organizations throughout the struggle against French colonialism. Algeria was declared a free independent state in 1962. The French activist Émilie Busquant, the wife of an Algerian activist, sewed the first Algerian flag. The flag was officially adopted in 1962 as Algeria proclaimed independence from France.  Algeria hasn’t changed its flag since it was officially adopted.