Gibraltar Flag Colors & Meaning

Gibraltar flag
Color Palette
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#DA000C218, 0, 120, 100, 94, 15

The flag of Gibraltar is composed of two horizontal bands of white (top) and red (bottom), with a three-towered red castle in the white band and a hanging golden key centered below the castle. The white color symbolizes peace, while the red represents the fortitude of the people of Gibraltar. The castle is emblematic of Gibraltar’s status as a fortress, reflecting its historical strategic importance and military strength. The key symbolizes the territory’s title as the “Key to the Mediterranean,” indicating its role as a crucial gatekeeper between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This design encapsulates the enduring strength and significant geographical position of Gibraltar. The red and white colors, alongside the symbols of the castle and key, present a narrative of resilience and strategic value, connecting deeply with Gibraltar’s history and identity.