Cayman Islands Flag Colors & Meaning

Cayman Islands flag
Color Palette
Blue#0121691, 33, 10599, 69, 0, 59
Red#C8102E200, 16, 460, 92, 77, 22
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The flag of the Cayman Islands features a striking design that incorporates both the coat of arms and a deep blue field. The primary background color is navy blue, symbolizing the Caribbean Sea that surrounds the islands. This deep, vivid blue sets a serene backdrop that emphasizes the importance of maritime life and heritage to the Cayman Islands. Positioned at the fly end of the flag is the coat of arms, encased in a white disc. The inclusion of white not only contrasts with the blue but also represents the purity and peace of the island’s landscapes. The coat of arms itself is colorful: it includes a green turtle on a coil of rope above a golden pineapple, with three green stars representing the islands set in blue and white wavy lines below. These elements signify the islands’ rich marine life, agricultural history, and the bond between the three islands, enhancing the flag’s representation of local identity and natural resources.