Albania Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Albania flag
Color Palette
Red#FF0000255, 0, 00, 100, 100, 0
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100

The Albanian flag has a red field background with a double-headed black eagle in the middle. The eagle’s wings are spread under the double head, as well as its body. The width-to-length ratio is 5:7.

Meaning of the flag

The Albanian flag has been culturally important for the Albanians since the Middle Ages. It stands for the history, the struggles, and the power of Albania. The red color on the Albanian flag stands for bravery and heroism on the battlefield. The double-headed eagle represents the sovereign of the state of Albania. The flag was slightly changed through different stages of Albanian history.

History of the Flag

The flag of Albania is thought to have its roots in the Byzantine Empire, which Albania was part of in the Middle Ages. Then it was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. In 1443, A leader named Skanderbeg bravely declared its independence and raised the flag with a black eagle in the center, only to be occupied again by the Ottomans after his death. The Ottoman occupation officially ended in 1912, and Albania was declared an independent state. The double-headed eagle replaced the original eagle. Through the 20th century, the country has gone under different types of political regimes.

The flag witnessed a change during the monarchy of King Zog (1928-1938) when a crown was added. Then, during the Italian occupation, two fasces replaced the crown. Later, when Albania fell under the communist regime, a golden star with 5 edges was added. When the communist government collapsed in 1992, the flag that was left was the one with the red background and the black, double-headed eagle without any added symbols. It still represents Albania today.