Armenia Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Armenia flag
Color Palette
Red#D90012217, 0, 180, 100, 92, 15
Blue#0033A00, 51, 160100, 68, 0, 37
Orange#F2A800242, 168, 00, 31, 100, 5

The flag of Armenia is divided into three stripes colored red, blue, and orange respectively. The red color comes at the top, while the blue is in the middle, and the orange comes at the bottom of the flag. The stripes are horizontal and are of the same width.

Armenian Flag Meaning

The flag of Armenia symbolizes the history and characteristics of the Armenian people and the country. The Red represents the Armenian Highland. It also symbolizes the struggle of the Armenian people to survive the difficult times. The red is also the color of the Christian faith and is an emblem of the country’s independence and freedom. The Blue symbolizes the will of the Armenian people to live under the peaceful blue sky. The Orange stands for creativity and hard work. The Armenians are known for their talents and hard-working nature, which has made them successful in different trades and industries. These highly skilled people are represented by the orange color. Therefore, the flag is simple in structure, but highly representative of the Armenian nature and people.

Armenian Flag History

Armenia was part of the Russian Empire in the 18th century. It did not have a flag of its own. Its people established industries in the big cities. During World War I, they were the victims of a horrible genocide. The Armenians gained their independence after the Russian Revolution in 1918, and Armenia got its red, blue, and orange flag. In 1936, Armenia fell under Soviet rule. The Armenian Diaspora and intellects looked for ways to free the country. In 1988, the efforts to free Armenia started to pay off. The flag of 1918 was re-adopted in 1990 when Armenia announced its intentions to gain independence. Armenia’s dream to become officially independent came true in 1991. Its history is that of occupation, oppression, struggles to gain freedom, and hard work. Their flag stands for their long history and sacrifices, and represents the people of Armenia who are strong-willed and creative.