Kazakhstan Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Kazakhstan flag
Color Palette
Light Blue#00AFCA0, 175, 202100, 13, 0, 21
Yellow#FEC50C254, 197, 120, 22, 95, 0

Kazakhstan Flag is rectangular with a blue field. In the center, there is an image of the sun. under the sun, there is a soaring steppe eagle. On the hoist side, there is a vertical stripe that depicts the traditional ornamental patterns of the country. All the featured symbols on the flag are colored gold.

Meaning of the Kazakhstan Flag

The Flag of Kazakhstan has a blue-sky color symbolizing honesty, fidelity and integrity. The blue color has also a symbolic meaning in Turkic culture, where the sky was worshiped as God. The choice of blue color therefore is to honor Father Ancestor. The blue color also represents pure sky, peace and prosperity, and the unity of the country. The sun symbolizes wealth and abundance, life and energy. The sun’s rays are formed like grains to epitomize wealth and welfare. The sun also represents a commitment to universal values and openness to all countries for cooperation. The Steppe eagle is a symbol of power, insight and generosity, sovereignty and independence of the state, and aspiration to a better future. The vertical band with the national ornamental patterns. represents the art and cultural traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.

History of Kazakhstan Flag

The Kazakhs descend from Turkic-Mongol origins. Their banner was always blue and it was raised in central Asia. When Kazakhstan was under the rule of the Soviet Union, the flag was that of the Soviet Union colors and symbols. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan had its flag that was designed by Shaken Niyazbekov. It was officially adopted in 1992 and represents the culture and ideals of the Kazakhs.