Belarus Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Belarus flag
Color Palette
Red#D22730210, 39, 480, 81, 77, 18
Green#0097390, 151, 57100, 0, 62, 41
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The flag of Belarus is made of a vertical stripe made of a traditional ornamental red-on-white pattern close to the flagpole. It constitutes one-ninth of the flag. The rest of the flag is made of two horizontal stripes. The upper part is red, and the lower part is green. The upper part is two-thirds of the flag’s width, while the lower part is one-third. Belarus is the first country to use a national ornamental pattern on its flag.

Meaning of the Belarus flag

The red color in the Belarus flag stands for power, courage, honor, and energy. The green color represents hope, health, youth, rejuvenation, diligence, creation, and natural harmony. The red-on-white pattern is a symbol of the Belarus culture that is many centuries old. It represents bread, harvest, and procreation. In addition, it celebrates diligence and skills on which people’s good fortune is built.

History of the Belarus Flag

Belarus was not an independent country, and therefore it didn’t have a flag of its own. It proclaimed its independence from Russia near the end of  WWI. The flag adopted was a plain white one, representing the name of the country. Later, the flag was changed, and a red horizontal stripe was added to the middle of the flag. The colors were borrowed from Belarus’s coat of arms. When Belarus was under soviet rule, the plain red flag was decorated with many golden communist emblems. The red color and green colors were used in the year 1951, with the golden hammer, the sickle, and the star of communism on the red part, and the traditional pattern with white on a red background was added next to the hoist.  In 1991, the communist government collapsed. the red-white-red pattern was readopted. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Belarus readopted the soviet flag in 1995, but the hammer, sickle, and star were removed, and the traditional ornament pattern colors were reversed, so the pattern had a white background with red embroidery on it.