Laos Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Laos flag
Color Palette
Red#CE1126206, 17, 380, 92, 82, 19
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Blue#0028680, 40, 104100, 62, 0, 59

The Flag of Laos has three unequal stripes of red and blue. The upper and lower stripes are red, while the middle stripe is blue. The width of the blue stripe is twice as wide as the red stripe. In the middle of the flag, there is a white disk on the blue stripe.

Meaning of Laos Flag

 The white disk symbolizes the moon over the Mekong River, representing unity, peace, and bright prospects for the nation’s future. The red stripe represents the blood shed for independence, while the blue stripe symbolizes the country’s prosperity and its hope for the future.

History of the Laos Flag

Laos had its monarchy rule since the 14th century. When Laos became a French protectorate in 1893, it raised the French tricolor. When Laos became a kingdom in 1945, a new flag was adopted. The flag featured a three-headed white elephant and a candle emitting rays on a red background. The design represented the mythical and cultural heritage of the country. In 1950 when anti-colonialist movements started an armed struggle to overthrow the royal government. However, the flag remained in use until 1975. When the rebellion succeeded in deposing the king in 1975, and the communist Pathet Lao movement ruled the country, changing the traditional banner with the red and blue flag, and the white disc in the center.