National Flag of Benin

Country: Benin

Proportions: 2:3

Benin Flag Description:

The Benin flag consists of a green vertical stripe on the left side and a yellow horizontal stripe on top of a red horizontal stripe on the right side of the flag. The yellow and red stripes are of equal size.

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Benin Flag Meaning:
The colors of the Benin flag are explained in the Benin's national anthem as such - the green represents hope and revival; the red symbolizes the courage of ancestors; and the yellow represents the country's wealth. The colors are traditional Pan-African colors.

Benin Flag History:
The Benin flag was originally adopted Nov. 16 1959, and then abandoned in 1975 and reintroduced on Aug.1 1990, upon the removal of the Marxist regime. The country was formerly called the Republic of Dahomey and gained independence in 1960. It was named Benin in 1975.

Interesting Benin Flag Facts:
The national Benin flag used from 1975-1990 was never officially adopted, meaning there was no law regarding it.

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