Bangladesh Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Bangladesh flag
Color Palette
Dark Green#006A4E0, 106, 78100, 0, 26, 58
Red#F42A41244, 42, 650, 83, 73, 4

The flag of Bangladesh has a deep green background, with a big red disk placed slightly off-center.

Meaning of the Bangladesh flag

The green in the Bangladesh flag was first a symbol of the Islamic fate taken from the Pakistani flag. Later, it was made to represent the beautiful landscape of the country. It is the symbol of the abundance and fertility of lands in Bangladesh, and the beautiful green forests that cover the country.  The big red disk symbolizes the sacrifices of the Bangladesh people in their strive for independence, and the blood that was shed to free their country. It also represents the sun that rises over the country, and the beginning of a new stage in their political life.

History of the flag

The two-colored flag of Bangladesh is a powerful representation of the country and history. Bangladesh was under Pakistani rule, and it has fought for independence since 1949. The first design had a golden silhouette of the map of the country. The league leader who held the flag for the first time in an assembly was arrested by the Pakistani government in an attempt to stop nationalism and independence movements..  Going under a lot of pressure from the Pakistani government that fought against any form of nationalism, the Bengali people still gained their independence in 1971.  The flag was modified by removing the map, and it was officially adopted in January 1972. Looking at the flag of Bangladesh, you can see the history of Bangladesh, the spirit of its people, and the beauty of its lands.