Pakistan Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Pakistan flag
Color Palette
Green#02411C2, 65, 2897, 0, 57, 75
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The Flag of Pakistan has a green field with a white crescent and a white five-pointed star. There is a white vertical stripe along the hoist side.

Meaning of the Pakistani Flag

The green color symbolizes Islam and the Muslim majority in Pakistan. The white color represents religious minorities and minority religions. The crescent and star are a traditional symbol of Islam which also symbolize progress and light.

History of the Pakistani Flag

Pakistan has been ruled by different Empires throughout its history. The Mughal, Maratha, and Durrani empires had different flags and banners during their rule. When India was Taken by the British East India Company, a private company located in London, the Union Jack and the British Ensign were used in different versions of flags to represent the Indian Subcontinent, which included India and Pakistan. It has ruled since the mid-18th century. When India started its struggle for independence, a league for Muslims was formed to establish a country with a Muslim majority. The flag of the All-Muslim India League was a green field with a white crescent and a five-pointed star to represent Islam. Pakistan proclaimed independence in 1947, and the green flag of the Muslim League was adopted, added to it was the white vertical stripe that represented other religions and minorities in the country. The green color with the crescent and star is still a very powerful symbol of Islam in Pakistan.