Morocco Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Morocco flag
Color Palette
Red#B7312C183, 49, 440, 73, 76, 28
Green#0063410, 99, 65100, 0, 34, 61

The flag of Morocco has a red field with a green bordered pentagram featuring a five-pointed star.

Meaning of the Moroccan Flag

The red is specifically associated with the descent of the royal Alaouite family from the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It therefore represents the blood of the ancestors and the unity of the country. The green color is related to the islamic faith, and the five-pointed star stands for the five pillars of Islam.

History of the Moroccan Flag

Morocco had different flags throughout its history to represent different dynasties, when the Alaouite Dynasty ruled in the 17th century, the Moroccan flag became a plain red field. France and Spain signed a treaty to make Morocco a Spanish protectorate in 1912. During French rule, the flag was modified in 1915 by Mulay Yusuf who ruled Morocco.   A green pentagram was added to the center of the flag. Although the star is historically referred to as the seal of Solomon and has been associated with different religions, each straight line in the star was used to represent the five pillars of Islam. During the French and Spanish rule, national symbols were forbidden. The exiled Sultan of Morocco Mohammad V returned in 1955. He gave a victory speech and announced the end of French and Spanish rule. Morocco proclaimed its independence in 1956. The flag was hoisted again in 1956 and has never been changed since then.