Europe Flag Colors & Meaning

Europe flag
Color Palette
Blue#0033990, 51, 153100, 67, 0, 40
Golden#FFCC00255, 204, 00, 20, 100, 0

The flag of Europe, often associated with both the Council of Europe and the European Union, is distinguished by its simple yet profound design: a circle of twelve golden stars on a field of azure blue. This arrangement of stars in a perfect circle represents unity, solidarity, and harmony among the peoples of Europe. The number twelve is symbolic, chosen not for the number of member states but because it traditionally signifies perfection and completeness. The gold of the stars represents idealism and the richness of the European spirit, while the blue background symbolizes the West and the values of truth and steadfastness associated with it. The design, created in 1955 and adopted by the Council of Europe and later by the European Union, conveys a sense of continuity and cooperation, emphasizing a collective identity that transcends national borders.