Uzbekistan Flag Colors & Meaning

Uzbekistan flag
Color Palette
Blue#0099B50, 153, 181100, 15, 0, 29
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Green#1EB53A30, 181, 5883, 0, 68, 29

The flag of Uzbekistan features three horizontal stripes of blue, white, and green, separated by thin red fimbriations. The blue stripe at the top symbolizes the sky and water, reflecting the nation’s aspirations and its historical association with bodies of water, particularly vital in this predominantly desert country. The white stripe in the middle represents peace and purity, underscoring Uzbekistan’s commitment to these ideals. The green stripe at the bottom denotes the lush, fertile lands, important to a country with a significant agricultural base. The red lines between the stripes signify the life force within all living beings, highlighting the vibrant energy and power of the nation. On the upper hoist-side corner, there is a white crescent moon and twelve white stars. The crescent symbolizes Islam, the main religion of Uzbekistan, while the twelve stars represent the months of the Islamic calendar, illustrating the connection to cultural and historical traditions.