Republic of the Congo Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Republic of the Congo flag
Color Palette
Green#0095430, 149, 67100, 0, 55, 42
Yellow#FBDE4A251, 222, 740, 12, 71, 2
Red#DC241F220, 36, 310, 84, 86, 14

The national flag of the Republic of The Congo is colored yellow, cut diagonally from the lower side of the hoist, with a green upper triangle and a red lower triangle. It is the only African flag with a diagonal design.

Meaning of the Republic of The Congo Flag

The flag is inspired by Pan-African colors. Although there was no specific explanation for the red color in the Republic of The Congo flag, it is thought to be a symbol of people’s fight for liberation. The green color stands for agriculture and rainforests, while the yellow represents the nobility and friendliness of the people.

History of the Republic of The Congo Flag

The Republic of The Congo was a French colony until it gained its independence in 1959. Before independence, the flag of France was the official flag in the colony, and even though the country became an autonomous republic in 1958, it still had no flag of its own.  After proclaiming independence, a new tri-colored flag with a diagonal design was officially adopted in September 1959. In 1970, the country was ruled by the communists. As a result, the flag was changed to become red with a green coat of arms on the canton, bearing the communist symbols and a golden star. After the fall of the communist government, the original flag of independence was restored and was officially hoisted on June 10, 1991.