Azerbaijan Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Azerbaijan flag
Color Palette
Blue#01B6E01, 182, 224100, 19, 0, 12
Red#ED2939237, 41, 570, 83, 76, 7
Green#3F9C3563, 156, 5360, 0, 66, 39
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The Azerbaijani flag is made of three equal, horizontal stripes. The top stripe is blue, the middle is red, and the bottom is green. On the red stripe in the middle, there is a white crescent and an eight-pointed white star.

Meaning of the Azerbaijan Flag

The blue color of the National Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan represents the Turkic origin of the Azerbaijani people. The red color reflects the Azerbaijani people’s aspiration for democracy and a modern society. The green color symbolizes the Islamic faith of the country. The eight-pointed star refers to the origins of the eight origins Azerbaijani people. It is also thought to refer to the eight letters of Azerbaijan written in Arabic. The crescent also symbolizes Islam.

History of the Azerbaijan Flag

Before 1918, Azerbaijan was under the  rule of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus. After Azerbaijan claimed independence, the Azerbaijani flag was adopted in a governmental meeting on November 9, 1918. It was raised in Baku as the official flag until  April 27, 1920, when the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic collapsed, and the country fell under the occupation of the Soviet troops.

The flag of Azerbaijan became the same as that of Armenia and Georgia. Different flags were used during the Soviet occupation. The 1918 flag was reintroduced as a symbol of Azerbaijan by appealing to the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan to recognize the three-colored striped flag as the official flag. It was hoisted again on February 5, 1991. In 2007, Flag Square was created in Baku. It was announced on November 17, 2009, by the president of Azerbaijan that November 9 is the National Flag Day. In 2010, the Flag museum was established in the National Flag Square.