National Flag of Algeria

Country: Republic of Algeria

Algeria Flag Description:
The left half of the Algeria flag is green and the right side is white. There is a red crescent and red star in the middle of the Algerian flag.

Algeria Flag Meaning:
The green color represents Islam and the white represents purity.

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Algeria Flag History:
The current version of the Algerian flag was adopted on July 3rd, 1962 after driving the French out in the Algerian War of Independence. The Algeria coat of arms was adopted November 1st 1976.

Interesting Algeria Flag Facts:
The flag is rumored to be a variation of the flag of liberation forces of military leader Abd el-Kader in 1837-1847, but there is no documentation of that.

The crescent on the Algerian flag has become an Islamic symbol, which originated on the Flag of Turkey.

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