Venezuela Flag Colors & Meaning

Venezuela flag
Color Palette
Yellow#FFCC00255, 204, 00, 20, 100, 0
Blue#00247D0, 36, 125100, 71, 0, 51
Red#CF142B207, 20, 430, 90, 79, 19

The flag of Venezuela consists of three horizontal bands of yellow, blue, and red. The yellow stripe occupies the top third of the flag and symbolizes the riches of the land, reflecting the country’s wealth in gold and other resources. This is followed by a blue band in the middle, representing the Caribbean Sea that graces Venezuela’s shores, significant for its role in the country’s history and commerce. The red stripe at the bottom symbolizes the blood shed by the heroes of Venezuela’s independence from Spanish rule. Additionally, the blue band contains an arc of eight white stars in a semicircle pattern, which stand for the original provinces that united against Spain. In the upper hoist corner of the yellow band, there is a white emblem of a coat of arms, which depicts further national symbols and ideals. Each color and symbol combined communicate the country’s rich resources, struggle for freedom, and unity.