Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag Colors & Meaning

Saint Kitts and Nevis flag
Color Palette
Green#009E490, 158, 73100, 0, 54, 38
Yellow#FCD116252, 209, 220, 17, 91, 1
Black#FCD116252, 209, 220, 17, 91, 1
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#CE1126206, 17, 380, 92, 82, 19

The flag consists of two stars on a black diagonal band, accompanied by green and red triangular fields, separated by a yellow-edged black diagonal band. The flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis features a striking combination of green, yellow, red, and black, each symbolizing different aspects of the nation’s culture and environment. The green triangle at the base symbolizes the fertile land, highlighting agriculture and lush vegetation crucial to the island’s identity. The red triangle at the fly end represents the struggle for freedom against slavery and colonialism. The yellow edges of the black diagonal band stand for the sunny disposition of the people and the richness of the sun-drenched climate. The black band itself signifies the African heritage of the people, emphasizing strength and resilience. Finally, the two white stars on the black band represent hope and liberty, guiding the nation towards a bright and free future. Each color and element combines to reflect the national pride and cultural heritage of Saint Kitts and Nevis.