Sweden Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Sweden flag
Color Palette
Blue#006AA70, 106, 167100, 37, 0, 35
Yellow#FECC00254, 204, 00, 20, 100, 0

The Flag of Sweden has a blue field with a yellow Nordic Cross that runs across the flag. 

Meaning of the Flag of Sweden

Blue and yellow are traditional Swedish colors. The colors on the flag are inspired by the shield that features on the national coat of arms depicting three golden crowns on a blue background.

History of the flag of Sweden

The early use of flags in Sweden was not recorded. However, The first recorded use of blue and yellow in the Swedish flag dates back to the late 14th century. The flag is thought to be influenced by the Danish flag and was flown by Swedish ships in the 16th century. Denmark and Sweden were united between the 14th century and 16th centuries, When the Swedish rebellion led to the separation of the two kingdoms in the 16th century. The Congress of Vienna in 1815 led to uniting Norway and Sweden under the rule of the same king, but they were two equal kingdoms. The flag had symbols of unity in the canton to represent both countries. When Norway became independent in 1906, the Swedish officially adopted the flag that is still used today.