Senegal Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Senegal flag
Color Palette
Green#04793C4, 121, 6097, 0, 50, 53
Golden#FDEF42253, 239, 660, 6, 74, 1
Red#E31B23227, 27, 350, 88, 85, 11

The flag of Senegal is a tricolor with 3 equal vertical stripes. The stripe to the left is green. The middle stripe is golden, and the stripe at the fly side is red. A green five-pointed star is placed in the center of the flag on the golden stripe.

Meaning of the flag of Senegal

The green is the color of hope. It also represents the prophet for Muslims in Senegal. The yellow color represents wealth, and the red signifies the blood of those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their nation. It also represents the commitment and strength to fight for development. The star is an African symbol. It is five-pointed to represent Senegal as a country that is open to the 5 continents. It also represents the sky and the spiritual values, in addition to the hope of the “Young Independence of Senegal.”

History of the Flag of Senegal

Senegal was discovered by the Portuguese and became a French colony in 1677. Senegal became an autonomous nation in 1958. It  joined a federation with Mali in 1959, and a tricolor flag was adopted inspired by the Pan-African colors. Senegal left the Mali Federation in 1960. It also achieved full independence from France on April 4, 1960. The tricolor flag of the Mali Federation was retained. However, the Kanaga in the middle of the Mali flag was replaced by the green star.