Malaysia Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Malaysia flag
Color Palette
Red#CC0000204, 0, 00, 100, 100, 20
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Blue#0000660, 0, 102100, 100, 0, 60
Yellow#FFCC00255, 204, 00, 20, 100, 0

The flag of Malaysia is made of 14 horizontal stripes alternating between red and white (Seven red and seven white stripes). On the upper left corner is a blue canton with a yellow crescent and a 14-pointed star.

Meaning of the Malaysian flag

The red, white, and blue colors indicate the strong ties Malaysia has with the Commonwealth. Yellow stands for the Royalty in Malaysia. The blue field and the star represent the unity of the Malaysian people. while the crescent and star represent the Islamic faith of the nation. The number of stripes and points of the star represent the 14 states of the Malaysian Federation.

History of the Malaysian Flag

Malaysia was colonized by Portugal, and then by Britain. The country’s name was Malaya, and the Malayan Union was established in 1946.  In 1947, an architect named Mohamad Hamzah won a competition to design a new flag.  The star on the flag he designed only had 5 points. In 1948, the Malayan Federation was founded, and the Malaysia flag was adopted on May 26th, 1950, having 11 stripes. The star on it also had 11 points. In 1957, Malaysia gained its independence from Britain. On September 16th, 1963, the present flag of 14 stripes and 14-pointed star  was adopted after Singapore, Sarawak, and North Borneo joined the federation, which grew into 14 states. The new federation had a new name. it was called Malaysia. It remained the same after Singapore left the federation. In 1997, the Malaysian flag was named “Stripes of Glory.” The design of the Malaysia flag is inspired by the USA flag.