Oman Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Oman flag
Color Palette
White#FBFBFB251, 251, 2510, 0, 0, 2
Red#DB161B219, 22, 270, 90, 88, 14
Green#0080000, 128, 0100, 0, 100, 50

The flag of Oman is made of three horizontal stripes colored white, red, and green from top to bottom. On the hoist side, there is a vertical red stripe with the national emblem of Oman in the canton. The National Emblem consists of a sheathed Khanjar (a traditional curved dagger) and a belt, superimposed on two crossed swords.

Meaning of the Omani Flag

The white color depicts the conviction of the Omani people in peace. The red band symbolizes the battles fought by Omanis to keep the foreign invaders away, and the sacrifices of Omani people. The green band is for the fertility and greenery of the land. The swords and dagger in the national emblem represent the traditional weapons of the Omani people.

History of the Omani Flag

Oman used a plain red flag in its early history. Later on, a plain white flag was used later during the rule of Sultan Said bin Taimur.  After the Sultan was overthrown in 1970, Sultan Qabous-ibn-Said ruled Oman. He changed the name of the country to Sultanate of Oman, and adopted a new flag to represent the modern nation he was establishing. The new flag included the national emblem originating from the middle of the eighteenth century. It was the royal crest of the Al Said dynasty, and later became the national emblem of Oman. In 1995, the three horizontal stripes were made equal.