Panama Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Panama flag
Color Palette
Blue#0028550, 40, 85100, 53, 0, 67
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#A6192E166, 25, 460, 85, 72, 35

The flag of Panama is made of four quarters. On the hoist side, the upper quarter is white, with a five-pointed blue star, while the lower quarter is blue. On the fly side, the upper quarter is red, while the lower quarter is white with a red, five-pointed star.

Meaning of the Flag of Panama

The blue color in the Panama flag represents the conservatives, while the red is for the liberals. The white color represents the peace between them. The stars together stand for the new republic. The red star represents law and authority, while the blue star is for the purity and honesty of the life of the country.

History of the Flag of Panama

Panama was part of the United States of Columbia and had no flag of its own. The Americans helped Panama to split from Columbia, and the Republic of Panama was formed.  As it became an independent nation, Panama sought to have its own flag. A flag of alternating yellow and red stripes with a blue canton and two connected suns was suggested. The flag was meant to represent the connection to the US and Spain, in addition to the role of the Panama Canal in connecting the two halves of the world. However, the flag design was rejected by President Manuel Amador Guerrero in 1903 and has never been adopted. The flag that was officially adopted in 1904 was designed by the president’s son Manuel E. Amador, and it is still hoisted till now.