Northern Mariana Islands Flag Colors & Meaning

Northern Mariana Islands flag
Color Palette
Blue#0033A10, 51, 161100, 68, 0, 37
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Gray#B1B4B3177, 180, 1792, 0, 1, 29

The flag of the Northern Mariana Islands features a deep blue field, symbolizing the vast expanse of the ocean that surrounds the islands. Prominently centered on the flag is a white star, which represents the Commonwealth. Radiating from this star is a gray latte stone, a traditional foundation and pillar for prehistoric Chamorro houses, symbolizing the Chamorro culture’s heritage and history. The stone is framed by a wreath of decorative local flowers, rendered in white, enhancing the flag’s connection to the islands’ natural beauty and traditions. This simple yet profound design encapsulates the strength and unity of the islands’ diverse cultures and their relationship with both their past and the surrounding sea. The colors and symbols together create a meaningful representation of the Northern Mariana Islands’ identity and aspirations.