Northern Ireland Flag Colors & Meaning

Northern Ireland flag
Color Palette
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#CD0001205, 0, 10, 100, 100, 20

The flag of Northern Ireland, commonly referred to as the Ulster Banner, features a white field with a red cross, extending to the edges. At the center of this cross lies a six-pointed white star topped by a royal crown, symbolizing Northern Ireland’s loyalty to the British monarchy. Encircling the star is a red hand, representing the O’Neill dynasty, an ancient Gaelic family once dominant in the region. The red cross on the white background is the Saint George’s Cross, reflecting Northern Ireland’s link to England. The combination of these symbols—cross, crown, hand, and star—richly conveys Northern Ireland’s historic and cultural connections to both the United Kingdom and its own unique Gaelic heritage. This flag, however, is officially used only for sporting events and not for governmental purposes since it was last recognized by the government in 1972.