Christmas Island Flag Colors & Meaning

Christmas Island flag
Color Palette
Green#1C8A4228, 138, 6680, 0, 52, 46
Blue#0021AD0, 33, 173100, 81, 0, 32
Yellow#FFC639255, 198, 570, 22, 78, 0

The flag of Christmas Island, adopted in 1986, features a striking design rich in symbolism and color. The background is divided diagonally, with the upper triangle in green and the lower in blue, representing the island’s lush vegetation and surrounding ocean, respectively. A golden bosun bird, a native species, is prominently displayed in the center, symbolizing the island’s unique wildlife. The bird is superimposed on a golden disk, which echoes the island’s phosphate mining history. Flanking the bird are three green stripes on the hoist side, each progressively smaller from top to bottom, symbolizing the island’s three geographical regions—Flying Fish Cove, Silver City, and Settlement. Completing the design, the Southern Cross constellation appears in white stars in the fly, pointing to Australia’s influence and the island’s geographic location in the Southern Hemisphere. This vibrant palette not only beautifies the flag but also encapsulates significant aspects of Christmas Island’s heritage and environment.