French Guiana Flag Colors & Meaning

French Guiana flag
Color Palette
Green#018A2C1, 138, 4499, 0, 68, 46
Yellow#FCDE02252, 222, 20, 12, 99, 1
Red#DB0A13219, 10, 190, 95, 91, 14

The flag of French Guiana, a region of France, primarily features the colors green, yellow, and red, which are common in many flags throughout South America. The green symbolizes the lush, verdant forests that cover a significant part of the region, highlighting its rich biodiversity and natural resources. Yellow represents the abundant mineral resources, particularly gold, found in French Guiana, as well as the sun, which signifies the tropical climate and optimism of its people. Red, often associated with energy and passion, reflects the spirit and vitality of the inhabitants. These colors are arranged in diagonal bands that intersect at the flag’s center, illustrating the convergence of diverse cultures and the unity of the people in French Guiana. This design not only represents the environmental and economic aspects of the region but also its vibrant cultural heritage and community spirit.