Guam Flag Colors & Meaning

Guam flag
Color Palette
Blue#00297B0, 41, 123100, 67, 0, 52
Red#C62139198, 33, 570, 83, 71, 22

The flag of Guam features a deep blue field that symbolizes the Pacific Ocean surrounding the island. At the center is a red-bordered, almond-shaped emblem called the “Great Seal of Guam.” The shape of the emblem represents a proa, a local sailing vessel, navigating past a sandy shore with a coconut palm. This imagery is set against a backdrop of blue sky, emphasizing the island’s tropical and maritime environment. The proa signifies the skill and seafaring traditions of the Chamorro people, Guam’s indigenous inhabitants. The coconut tree, a vital resource, stands for self-sustainability and the natural beauty of the island. The red border encapsulates the courage and sacrifices made by the people of Guam throughout their history. Overall, the flag’s colors and symbols reflect the island’s cultural heritage, its relationship with the sea, and the resilience of its people.