Samoa Flag Colors & Meaning

Samoa flag
Color Palette
Red#CE1126206, 17, 380, 92, 82, 19
Blue#CE1126206, 17, 380, 92, 82, 19
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The flag of Samoa features a simple yet symbolic design with a background of red, a blue rectangle in the canton, and five white stars arranged to represent the Southern Cross constellation. The red color predominates the flag and symbolizes courage and bravery, echoing the historical spirit of the Samoan people. In contrast, the blue rectangle stands for freedom and loyalty, reflecting Samoa’s deep connection to its Pacific island heritage and the values that guide the nation. The white of the stars denotes purity and peace, encapsulating Samoa’s aspirations for harmony both within its borders and in its external relations. These stars are specifically positioned to mimic their real-life counterparts in the Southern Cross, a crucial navigational feature for the early Polynesian voyagers who settled the Samoan islands. Together, the colors and symbols of the flag represent a blend of traditional values and the unity of the Samoan people.