National Flag of Gambia

Country: The Republic of The Gambia

Proportions: 2:3

Gambian Flag Description:
The flag of Gambia consists of five horizontal stripes - the top red stripe and the bottom green stripe are of equal width; while the blue stripe in the middle of the flag is bordered on the top and bottom by white stripes of equal width.

Gambian Flag Meaning:
The red stripe represents the sun shining on the Gambia River and the blue represents that river, which runs through the center of the country and the center of the flag. The green symbolizes the land, forests and agriculture and the white stripes stand for unity, peace and purity.

Gambian Flag History:
This Gambian flag was adopted on February 18, 1965, the day it gained independence from Britain.

Interesting Gambian Flag Facts:
The idea of the country's national flag came from The Republic of The Gambia, but the flag was actually designed by the College of Arms in England.

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