Bahamas Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Bahamas flag
Color Palette
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100
Aquamarine#00778B0, 119, 139100, 14, 0, 45
Yellow#FFC72C255, 199, 440, 22, 83, 0

The Bahamas flag is made of a black triangle placed against the hoist. The black triangle is superimposed on three equal stripes colored aquamarine blue on top and bottom, with a golden stripe in the middle. The head of the triangle points towards the middle of the flag. 

Meaning of the Bahamas flag

The black color in the Bahamas flag stands for the courage and force of the united people. The head of the triangle is pointed towards the center of the flag to symbolize the enterprise and determination of the Bahamian people who aspire to develop and own the rich sources of the land, represented by the blue color for the sea, and the yellow color for the sun.

History of the Bahamas Flag

The Bahamas is a group of islands that was a colony of the United Kingdom. Before independence, the flag was a blue field with the Union Jack and the Bahamas flag badge on the blue field. The badge showed a British ship pursuing pirate ships, and a motto to show the country’s determination to fight pirates and protect trade. In 1973, the country proclaimed its independence. A contest was held to choose the best design, but the design came from merging different designs into one unique design.  The flag was officially hoisted on July 10, 1973, which is the official independence date of the Bahamas.