Zambia Flag Colors & Meaning

Zambia flag
Color Palette
Green#198A0025, 138, 082, 0, 100, 46
Red#DE2010222, 32, 160, 86, 93, 13
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100
Orange#EF7D00239, 125, 00, 48, 100, 6

The flag of Zambia features a rich palette of colors, each symbolizing key aspects of the country’s identity and environment. It is predominantly green, representing the nation’s lush flora and agricultural wealth. On the bottom right corner, there are three vertical stripes of red, black, and orange. The red stripe symbolizes the struggle for freedom, reflecting the bloodshed during the fight for independence. Adjacent to it, the black stripe stands for the people of Zambia, emphasizing their central role in the nation’s heritage and future. The orange stripe represents the country’s mineral wealth, notably the copper mines which are vital to its economy. Above these stripes, a soaring eagle in gold signifies the people’s ability to rise above the nation’s challenges, embodying freedom and the ability to conquer adversity. Together, these elements create a flag that deeply reflects Zambia’s pride, resourcefulness, and aspirations.