Vanuatu Flag Colors & Meaning

Vanuatu flag
Color Palette
Red#D21034210, 16, 520, 92, 75, 18
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100
Yellow#FDCE12253, 206, 180, 19, 93, 1
Green#0095430, 149, 67100, 0, 55, 42

The flag prominently features a field divided diagonally by a thick black triangle from the hoist side and bold red on the fly side, separated by a Y-shaped yellow fimbriation that also outlines the triangle, against a vibrant green background at the bottom. At the center of the black triangle, there is a yellow circle enclosing a boar’s tusk overlaid with two crossed namele fern fronds. This design symbolizes the agricultural richness of Vanuatu (green), the cultural heritage of its Melanesian people (black), and their fight for independence (red). The yellow represents Christianity and peace, while the boar’s tusk is a traditional symbol of prosperity and the crossed ferns denote peace.