Tonga Flag Colors & Meaning

Tonga flag
Color Palette
Red#C10000193, 0, 00, 100, 100, 24
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0

The flag of Tonga features a field of red with a white canton charged with a red couped cross. The vibrant red symbolizes the bloodshed during Tonga’s fight for independence, underscoring the nation’s historical sacrifices for sovereignty. This dominant red color also reflects the deep-rooted cultural significance of life and respect within the Tongan community. In contrast, the white canton represents purity and the Christian faith, which holds a central place in Tongan society. The cross emblazoned on the white square echoes this religious symbolism, signifying peace and harmony derived from Christianity. Together, these elements not only illustrate Tonga’s national pride and spiritual grounding but also emphasize the intertwining of tradition and faith that shapes the Tongan national identity. The design, adopted in 1875, stands as a testament to these enduring values.