Sint Maarten Flag Colors & Meaning

Sint Maarten flag
Color Palette
Red#DC171D220, 23, 290, 90, 87, 14
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Blue#012A871, 42, 13599, 69, 0, 47

The flag of Sint Maarten features three colors: red, white, and blue, arranged in a bi-level format with distinctive symbolism. The upper band is red, representing the valor and courage of the people. Beneath the red, a narrower white stripe symbolizes the peace and purity of the island’s aspirations. The bottom section of the flag is blue, depicting the Caribbean Sea that surrounds Sint Maarten and the sky above, reflecting a serene environment and the hope of the nation. On the hoist side, close to the flagpole, there is a blue triangle which carries the coat of arms—a shield featuring the monument of Fort Amsterdam, and above it, a pelican, indicative of Sint Maarten’s rich wildlife and history as a protectorate. These colors not only align with the national identity but also resonate with the Dutch heritage, as they mirror the colors found in the Netherlands’ flag.