Paraguay Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Paraguay flag
Color Palette
Red#D52B1E213, 43, 300, 80, 86, 16
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Blue#0038A80, 56, 168100, 67, 0, 34
Black#0D0D0D13, 13, 130, 0, 0, 95
Yellow#FEDF00254, 223, 00, 12, 100, 0
Green#0289352, 137, 5399, 0, 61, 46

The Flag of Paraguay is a tricolor that has three equal horizontal stripes. The top stripe is red, the middle stripe is white, while the bottom stripe is blue. On the central stripe, there are two national symbols. On the observe side, there is the national coat of arms, depicting a golden star surrounded by a wreath and the words “República del Paraguay” or “Republic of Paraguay”. On the reverse side, there is the Treasury seal. The treasury seal features a lion sitting beneath a liberty cap mounted on a staff, and framed by the national motto, “Paz y Justicia” which means “Peace and justice”.

Meaning of the flag of Paraguay

The colors of the Paraguay flag were inspired by the French Tricolor. The blue and white colors also represent the country’s peace, independence, and liberty. The red stands for the blood that was shed for independence.

History of the flag of Paraguay

Paraguay proclaimed independence from Argentina in 1811. Paraguay was ruled by the dictator Francia in 1814. His admiration for Napoleon made him choose a flag with the same colors as the French flag, arranging the stripes horizontally. Later, when Francia died, the flag was officially adopted, adding the treasury seal on the reverse side of the flag. The flag was officially adopted in 1842, and has been in use since then, although several modifications were made to the symbols on the flag throughout the years.