North Macedonia Flag Colors, Meaning & History

North Macedonia flag
Color Palette
Red#D82126216, 33, 380, 85, 82, 15
Yellow#F8E92E248, 233, 460, 6, 81, 3

The flag of North Macedonia has a red field with a yellow disc in the center, and eight rays emitted from the disc, reaching the edges of the flag.

Meaning of the North Macedonian Flag

The North Macedonian Flag is ornamented with a central motif of a sun called “The Sun of Liberty,” which represents Macedonia’s new beginning.  It also symbolizes the country’s independence, vitality, and bright future. The red and yellow colors are the national colors of Macedonia.

History of the North Macedonian Flag

North Macedonia, formerly the Republic of macedonia, was occupied by the Ottomans until 1912. After overthrowing the Turks, its lands were taken by Greece and Serbia, and the country could not achieve independence. then North Macedonia became a part of Yugoslavia in 1929, proclaimed independence in 1940, but soon lost it after the Greek civil war and rejoined Yugoslavia. In 1992, the country proclaimed its independence and adopted a flag with a red background and the Star of Vergina featured in yellow. The Greeks objected claiming that the Star of Vergina was a Greek symbol, and that North Macedonia is not allowed to use it on its flag. Upon the Greek objection and attempts to force North Macedonia to change its flag, Professor Miroslav Grcev provided a new design for the flag, and it was adopted in 1995.