Niger Flag Colors & Meaning

Niger flag
Color Palette
Orange#E05206224, 82, 60, 63, 97, 12
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Green#0DB02B13, 176, 4393, 0, 76, 31

The flag of Niger consists of three horizontal bands of equal width, displaying colors from top to bottom: orange, white, and green. The color orange, positioned at the top, symbolizes the Sahara Desert, which covers much of the country’s northern region. This placement reflects the desert’s prominent presence in Niger’s geography. The middle band is white, representing purity and innocence. Additionally, the white stripe is symbolic of the Niger River, an essential source of life and a critical natural resource for the country. The bottom band is green, indicative of the fertile regions of Niger and the hope for prosperity and development. To the left side of the white stripe, there is a small orange disk, which represents the sun and its vital role in the environment and the lives of the citizens. The combination of these colors and symbols reflects Niger’s national pride and cultural heritage.