Grenada Flag Colors & Meaning

Grenada flag
Color Palette
Red#CE1126206, 17, 380, 92, 82, 19
Yellow#FCD116252, 209, 220, 17, 91, 1
Green#007A5E0, 122, 94100, 0, 23, 52

The flag of Grenada, adopted on February 7, 1974, features a harmonious blend of colors—red, yellow, and green—that each hold significant meanings reflecting the country’s heritage and values. The flag is rectangular with a red border, which symbolizes courage and vitality. Within this border are two yellow triangles at the top and bottom and two green triangles on the left and right. The color yellow represents the sun and the warmth of the people, while green denotes agriculture and the lush vegetation of Grenada. At the center, a red disk contains a yellow five-pointed star, signifying hope and guidance. Additionally, the left green triangle houses a nutmeg, illustrating one of the island’s most important exports and its nickname, “The Spice Isle.” This combination of elements and colors not only captures Grenada’s identity but also conveys a message of optimism and resourcefulness.