Faroe Islands Flag Colors & Meaning

Faroe Islands flag
Color Palette
Blue#0065BD0, 101, 189100, 47, 0, 26
White#FFFFFF255, 255, 2550, 0, 0, 0
Red#ED2939237, 41, 570, 83, 76, 7

The Faroe Islands flag, known as Merkið, showcases a Nordic cross design reflecting its historical and cultural ties to other Nordic countries. The flag features a red cross, bordered by a blue stripe, set against a white background. The white field symbolizes the pure, crisp skies and the bright summer nights of the Faroe Islands. The red cross represents the blood of the Christian martyrs, reflecting the island’s Christian heritage and faith. Surrounding the red cross, the blue stripes signify the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, crucial to the islands’ fishing economy and their maritime history. Together, these colors not only create a visually striking flag but also convey significant cultural and historical narratives, binding the Faroe Islands with both their past and the broader Nordic identity.