Chad Flag Colors, Meaning & History

Chad flag
Color Palette
Blue#00205B0, 32, 91100, 65, 0, 64
Gold#FFCD00255, 205, 00, 20, 100, 0
Red#C8102E200, 16, 460, 92, 77, 22

The flag of Chad is a tricolor of three equal vertical stripes colored dark blue, yellow, and red from left to right.

Meaning of the flag of Chad

The dark blue stripe represents hope and strength, as well as for the sky that stretches over the country. The yellow color is for the sun, and the red color symbolizes the unity of the nation, and the blood that was shed for independence. 

History of the flag of Chad

Chad was part of French West Africa. It was a French colony that raised the French tricolor over its territories. As anti-colonialism movements grew in the mid-20th century, African countries sought independence and looked for flags that represented their national identity. The fight against French rule started in 1946, but it took Chad more than a decade to achieve independence. In 1959, a committee to design a flag was assigned, and the flag that was suggested by the committee included green, yellow, and red stripes which resembled the Mali federation flag, so the green stripe was replaced by a dark blue stripe, and the flag was officially adopted in November 1959. Chad became independent in 1960. It is worth noting that the three stripes in the flag of Chad are identical to those in the flag of Romania, with a darker blue shade of the hoist stripe in the flag of Chad, although the two flags are not historically related, and they emerged in two different historical contexts.