National Flag of Panama

Country: Republic of Panama

Proportions: 2:3

Panamanian Flag Description:
The flag of Panama is sectioned into four quarters. The top left and bottom right quarters are white. The top right section is red and the bottom left is blue. In the top left white section there is a blue, five-point star and in the bottom right white section there is a red, five-point star.

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Panamanian Flag Meaning:
The Panamanian flag's colors represent the two political parties of Panama, the Liberals (red) and the Conservatives (blue). The white symbolizes peace between them and the equal division of the colors states that they both govern the country at different times. The colors of the Panamanian flag also have alternative meanings. The blue represents the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and red stands for the blood spilt for Panama's independence. The blue star represents the civic virtues of purity and honesty and the red star symbolizes the authority of the law. Together they represent loyalty and resilience.

Panamanian Flag History:
The current Panamanian flag was adopted on December 20, 1903, and provisionally approved in 1904 by the Constituent Assembly. It was not definitely approved until 1925. Panama was a colony of Spain from the 16th century until 1821, when independence was achieved. After independence from Spain, Panama joined Colombia as one of its provinces. Panama gained independence from Colombia on Nov. 3, 1903, with encouragement and military support from the United States. The U.S. then acquired permission to build the Panama Canal and paid $10 million U.S. and an annual fee of $250 000 per year. The Panama Canal, the land it is built on and the area surrounding it is leased to the U.S. and comes under direct United States control.

Interesting Panamanian Flag Facts:
The Panamanian flag was designed by Mr. Manuel Amador Jr. and made by his wife Ms. Maria Ossa de Amador.

The Panamanian flag is based on the design of the American flag.

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