National Flag of Mozambique

Country: Mozambique

Proportions: 2:3

Mozambique Flag Description:
The flag of Mozambique consists of three equal width horizontal stripes - the top stripe is green; the middle one black; and the bottom stripe is yellow. The black stripe is bordered above and below by a thin white stripe. On the left side of the Mozambique flag is a red horizontal triangle pointing towards the flag's center. In the center of triangle is a yellow, five-point star which has a part of the country's coat of arms in it. The emblem consists of a rifle and a hoe crossed over an open book.

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Mozambique Flag Meaning:
The red stripe represents the Mozambique's struggle for independence. The green symbolizes the land. The black represents the African continent and yellow stands for the mineral wealth of the nation. The yellow star represents the socialist beliefs of the country. The book represents education and the hoe represents the peasants and agriculture. The rifle represents the nation's determination to defend its freedom.

Mozambique Flag History:
The Mozambique flag was adopted on May 1, 1983. Mozambique gained independence from Portugal on June 25, 1975. The current Mozambique flag is based on the flag of Frelimo (the Mozambique Liberation Front), the organization which led the campaign for independence. The Frelimo flag was virtually the same as the current Mozambique flag but without the emblem on it. It was used briefly as the transitional flag when the leader of Frelimo became the first president of an independent Mozambique in 1975.

Interesting Mozambique Flag Facts:
The flag of Mozambique is the only one in the world to feature a rifle, as it has an AK47 on it.

A contest was held to design a new flag of Mozambique in September 1999 and 119 entries were received. A winner was picked, but a new Mozambique flag has never materialized.

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