National Flag of The Czech Republic

Country: Czech Republic

Proportions: 2:3

Czech Republic Flag Description:
The Czech Republic flag consists of two horizontal halves. The top half is white and the bottom half is red. On the left side of the Czech Republic flag is a horizontal blue triangle pointing toward the middle of the flag.

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Czech Republic Flag Meaning:
The Czech Republic flag doesn't really have any significant meaning. The colors are Bohemian traditional colors, which were inherited from various coats of arms. The color and flag pattern was selected mainly to produce a Czech Republic flag that would be easily recognizable, especially in battle.

Czech Republic Flag History:
The Czech Republic flag is identical to that of the former Czechoslovakia. The original flag was adopted on March 30, 1920. The Czech Republic adopted this flag as their own on December 17, 1992, going against an agreement that stated they wouldn't adopt any of Czechoslovakia's emblems. The country separated along with Slovakia on January 1, 1993.

Interesting Czech Republic Flag Facts:
Before the separation of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, a resolution was passed by the Czechoslovakian government which stated neither of the two new states could continue to use any emblems of Czechoslovakia. After they separated, Slovakia adopted a white/blue/red flag with a coat of arms on it. The new Czech Republic adopted the flag of former Czechoslovakia which was a violation of the resolution. This upset Slovakia but the Czechs basically said that the country which made the resolution didn't exist any more and refused to change the flag.

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