National Flag of Comoros

Country: Union of the Comoros

Proportions: 3:5

Comoros Flag Description:
The flag of Comoros consists of four horizontal stripes of equal width. The top stripe is yellow; the next is white; the next is red; and the bottom stripe is blue. On the left side of the Comoros flag is a green horizontal triangle which reaches the center of the flag. Inside the triangle lies a white crescent with four, five-pointed flags lined up vertically.

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Comoros Flag Meaning:
The four colored stripes represent the islands of the Comoros, these include - yellow (Mohéli), white (Mayotte), red (Anjouan) and blue (Grand Comore). The four stars also represent these islands and the crescent stands for Islam, the country's major religion.

Comoros Flag History:
The Comoros flag was adopted in 2003, making it one of the world's newest flags. The Comoros gained independence from France in 1975.

Interesting Comoros Flag Facts:
The previous flag used in Comoros was green with a white crescent and stars. It was in use from 1996 to 2001.

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