New Caledonia Flag Colors & Meaning

New Caledonia flag
Color Palette
Blue#0032AF0, 50, 175100, 71, 0, 31
Red#EE3F32238, 63, 500, 74, 79, 7
Green#0096410, 150, 65100, 0, 57, 41
Yellow#FAE700250, 231, 00, 8, 100, 2
Black#0000000, 0, 00, 0, 0, 100

The flag of New Caledonia features three primary colors: blue, red, and green, each bearing symbolic significance. The rich blue background represents the ocean that surrounds the islands and is central to the local Kanak culture. A large, circular yellow disc in the center of the flag symbolizes the sun, a vital element in Kanak symbolism, which stands for light and energy. Encircling the sun, a red circle edged with a black line signifies the blood ties within the Kanak communities. Adjacent to this, a green stripe crosses the flag diagonally, symbolizing the lush, verdant landscape of the islands and their connection to the land. These colors and elements together reflect the natural beauty of New Caledonia and the deep cultural ties and traditions of its indigenous people, promoting a message of unity among the various communities within the territory.